No one shall be forgotten.

Memmento’s Vision

It would be remarkable to keep one’s life eternal with assurance it is spared from ravages of time that it will not vanish into oblivion. With certainty that our photographs will not be thrown away, our videos erased, amusing stories forgotten. That after one’s life ceases to be, even after a hundred years, more than just a record in the registry remains. When grandchildren of our grandchildren learn that we were their ancestors, they will be able to discover who we were and what we did.

It would be remarkable if we could finally at once as people overcome the eternal “for you were made from dust, and to dust you will return”.

We believe that for the first time technology and the world’s interconnection allows us to break this long-standing truth once and for all. This is the reason why we have created Memmento, a place where a memorial of mankind and each individual may be kept, together and forever.

Principle of Memmento

Memmento is a worldwide web which intends to map our lives and preserve them in the most authentic way for the coming generations. It is located on several servers with data backup on a regular basis using physical carriers. Memmento fulfills some functions of a traditional cemetery. It enables its users to create a memorial and place candles and flowers on it. However, it also enables to create a memorial full of memories, photographs, videos and messages created and shared by people from all around the world. Memmento also places such memorials on the so-called Remembrance Wall and preserves it forever.

Remembrance Wall

The Remembrance Wall is an endless space elapsing into all directions in which Memmento preserves all names with the help of so-called tombstones. Individual tombstones have various color differences, where each tombstone color tells something different about its owner. Users may move about the Remembrance Wall by directing their pointing device to the edges of the screen. At the same time there is a possibility to build family ties between the deceased on the Remembrance wall. Deceased, who are family, have tombstones close together which are isolated from the other tombstones.


A Memorial is an intimate wall of one person. We intentionally state “person” to emphasize that Memmento is not for animals or for fictional or mythical characters. The main part of the intimate wall is the so-called Identity where basic information about the deceased are displayed. To the right of the Identity is an empty space elapsing into infinity which may be filled by users with photographs, messages, flowers and candles. The moment a users inserts an object between two already existing objects, they will make way. Hence the Memorial is a permanently ever changing evolving space.


A family will create by relating at least two deceased on Memmento. The moment a family tie is built tombstones connect on the Remembrance Wall forming an empty space around each other to rise from the aggregate of others.


Not only is Memmento taking up the task to preserve the memory of each of us, but it also identifies and tells the stories, where behind tragedies you find only numbers, A tragedy is a special function of Memmento. Tragedy is a space combining elements of the Remembrance Wall and a Memorial, where users alone place tombstones of persons who died during the tragedy as well as their memories and messages. The ultimate effort is at the very best, most specifically and personally reveal the fate of those, who have left us too early.
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